The best nights of your life

von Anja Delastik

Erscheinungsdatum: 17.11.2021
Ausstattung: Gebunden
Seitenanzahl: 256
ISBN: 978-3-7667-2506-6
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Dieses Produkt ist derzeit leider nicht verfügbar.

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* reports from celebrities and fans about their greatest Jägermeister-highlights
* emtional images and campaignes, exciting facts and places around the world-famous brand and it`s way to success
* masterful recipes and selected how-know of the best bartenders

The Original Jägermeister Book!

This book tells the story of global herbal-liqueur brand Jägermeister and provides a fascinating look behind the scenes at the world-famous family business, while personalities such as footballer Paul Breitner and Guns N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed recount how they spent the most memorable nights of their lives. Presenting an unparalleled collection of tales about the popular drink, the book also offers creative drink mixes, festival anecdotes and insights into the international world of Jägermeister. If you’re looking for a fun read and exclusive background stories, it’s got you covered!

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Anja Delastik
Anja Delastik is a creative consultant, author and journalist. Her keen sense of curiosity and creativity along with her intuition about trends and the human condition have already seen her publish a number of works. This book illustrates her passion for art, culture, music and the cult surrounding Jägermeister.