Stories (engl.)

von Matteo Thun & Sherin Kneifl

Erscheinungsdatum: 23.04.2024
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ISBN: 978-3-7667-2717-6

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“I don’t want to write an architectural bible. I want to tell stories that show what defines me and my work.”

– Matteo Thun’s most personal book
– With autobiographical short stories from all stages of his life
– Illustrated with his most important designs
– In-depth insight into the working methods and views of one of the greatest architectural geniuses of our time


In the world of design and architecture there are few personalities whose influence is as profound and lasting as that of Matteo Thun. From pioneering resorts, company headquarters, public buildings, residential and office buildings around the world to the iconic Illy espresso cup, the renowned architect has left his unmistakable signature everywhere and his designs have shaped our perception for decades. His impressive product design, imposing architecture and pioneering concepts bear witness to more than 40 years of professional experience and a life that unfolds between the vibrant metropolises of Milan and Munich. Numerous fascinating stories have emerged from this exciting journey through life. As an author, Matteo Thun has now captured these stories in a captivating book that has been created for his admirers, companions and perhaps also a little bit for himself.

Die deutschsprachige Ausgabe ist unter der ISBN 978-3-7667-2716-9 verfügbar.

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Matteo Thun & Sherin Kneifl
MATTEO THUN is a renowned Italian architect and designer. Thun is known for his minimalist and contemporary design in architecture and product design. He has designed important buildings such as hotels and environmental resorts and products for well-known brands such as Artemide, Illy and Rosenthal. He attaches great importance to sustainability and ecological principles in his work and has received numerous awards for his creations.   SHERIN KNEIFL has worked as an editor for magazines such as BUNTE, ELLE, InStyle and Süddeutsche and was editor-in-chief of the Swiss lifestyle and fashion magazines Style and Bolero. She holds a doctorate in law and now works as a freelance journalist and author in Zurich.