With the opening of the new plant in San Luis Potosí, BMW Group is adding yet another central element to its global production strategy. The plant is taking the presence of the company in Latin America to a new level. At the same time, the new plant will be a world class production facility and set new standards in terms of quality thinking and efficiency. It will be “the essence of perfection”, as it says on the BMW site. This spirit has to be communicated in a suitable manner. The communication around the opening of the plant has to be fast, smart, interesting, and lasting at the same time.

This publication, the basis of the communicative approach, has to tell the story of the achievement of the new plant, look behind the scenes, capture the spirit of the plant project and demonstrate the many stories of personal achievement behind it. A book as a mixture of business journalism, emotional storytelling and high quality visual documentation will tell the story of this outstanding project for present and future stakeholders. There will be a digital extension of the storytelling achieved by the book, which will be realized by individual short films profiling individual participants in the project.

The main story of the entire platform is that is takes great people to create greatness. Hence, the storytelling focuses on the key individuals that drive this project, and tell the story of the plant through a focus on their ideas, characters, and achievements. At the same time, the many facets of such a project are captured. These pertain to the areas of business strategy, technology, but also architecture and even globalization.

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