von Jan Bernigeroth / Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn
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Erscheinungsdatum: 17.12.2012
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ISBN: 978-3-7667-2009-2


„Oslo“ ist ein Buch in englischer Sprache.

Oslo – growing Fjord City

Following the conversion of Aker Brygge’s former wharf- and harbour areas into a very successful urban area thirty years ago, Oslo’s citizens began to pay closer attention to their city and urbanity.

On the river Akerselva former industrial sites were transformed into apartments, offices and cultural venues. At its mouth the new quarter Bjørvika is being developed, where the spectacular opera house has already become a world wide known urban icon.

Redesigned Karl Johan Street extends between Oslo Central Station and the Royal Castle. It is the heart of the inner city and basis for an exploration of new urban quarters, squares and parks – to be best undertaken by foot, by bike or by tramway and bus.

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Jan Bernigeroth / Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn